03 HAMBURG HYBRID HOUSING COMPETITION. Progetto di Arch.R. Gatti, Studio Dam, Arch. E. Spaziani

The building consists of seven main levels.
The functional mix is designed to diversify as much as possible, floor by floor, the living spaces with community and public activities, in order to stage a new way of life, in which the collective works as a filter and connection between the private and public.
The first two (ground and 1st floor) are strongly public and collective. Entrance is located at Spielbudenplatz and Taubenstrasse heights (+0.0mt) and you can access to them even from the inner square (+3.50mt); they are characterized by commercial and collective residential spaces which face directly onto the internal square.
The core levels (from 2nd to 5th), are mainly intended for residence but characterized, floor by floor, by specific collective use activities.